Blocked IDP's Camps in Kurdistan Iraq

An aid project by “KCF-KSC” (M. McLuckie) in Sulaimaniya, Iraq

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M. McLuckie (Project Manager)

M. McLuckie
Once again the Kurdish villages on the borders have come under Aerial bombardment from Iranian military forces around the Qaladiza area. As well as Iranian bombardment there is also the threat from Turkey. In the last four years Turkish planes have started their bombardment of the border villages at the beginning of July when the harvest season begins, consequently their livestock are killed and their crops ruined. Many of the village homes have been completely destroyed, some partially damaged with a few that remain untouched. The border areas in Kurdistan are constantly exposed to artillery and aerial bombardment from both Turkish and Iranian sides.

Through no fault of their own the entire population consisting of 275 families of 18 were forced to leave their homes and are now in two camps, Mangurayati and Gojar which is in an area belonging to the Pishdar district.

Having left behind all their belongings, apart from some of their livestock, they are now living in tents, provided by the IOM and UNHCR. There is no food, electricity or sanitation. Manguarayati camp is situated on the rocky bed of what in the rainy season is a large river but which now has depleted greatly and the remaining water is polluted, Gojar camp has no water at all. The vast majority of the children, (there are an estimated 800 children in both camps) are malnourished and are already suffering from diarrhoea, typhoid and various other diseases

Kurdistan Save the Children have provided medicine, medical aid, toiletries (toothpaste, soap, towels etc) and some toys; but the situation is now extremely urgent and we desperately need more funds to address the growing problems.

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Location: Sulaimaniya, Iraq

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