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Donate to my volunteer work at the Fé y Alegría No.17 school, Peru

Villa El Salvador, Lima, Peru

Donate to my volunteer work at the Fé y Alegría No.17 school, Peru

Villa El Salvador, Lima, Peru

Support me in my one-year voluntary service at the Fé y Alegria school in Peru and thus promote the education of young people, because for many Peruvians from poor families this is the only chance of a good school education.

Mia Hénique from Welthaus Bielefeld e.V. | 
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About this project

My project: volunteering at the Fé y Alegría No.17 school in Villa el Salvador, Peru

In summer 2020 I will go to Peru via the weltwärts program of the Welthaus Bielefelds e.V. for one year to work at the Fé y Alegría No.17 school.

Since 2008, the weltwärts program of the Welthaus Bielefelds e.V. has enabled many young people to participate in this form of voluntary service. In this way, young adults can gain a lot of new experiences and are committed to a new world without poverty, with justice and for sustainable development.

Villa el Salvador is a district of Lima that has existed for about 50 years. At that time, the district was founded in the desert sand by highland refugees who hoped for a new life in the city. After long violent clashes, the first houses were built. The school Fé y Alegría (Hope and Joy) was founded to enable the many children to get a good education. The aim of the school is to support the children in the best possible way and to motivate them to commit themselves to change. The school is the partner school of the Uhland Gymnasium in Tübingen.

I applied for this project because I want to broaden my horizons after I graduate and do something useful at the same time. I really enjoy working with children and young people and teaching them new things. I like to share experiences and would like to pass something on to the children. Together with two other volunteers, I will teach the children in English, German and music. Politics and the school garden project also play a major role.

75% of the project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). As a result, Welthaus Bielefeld e.V. and I are dependent on support to finance the further 25%. The volunteers set up a sponsorship group to cover the remaining costs.

A donation supports my one-year engagement at the Fé y Alegría No.17 school. Not only do I benefit from this, it also contributes to the fact that the weltwärts program of the Welthaus Bielefeld e.V. can continue to be carried out for young people and thus also supports the children and young people at the Fé y Alegría school. The donation will also finance flight costs, accommodation, insurance, care, ...

Thank you for the support 😊

Updated at 18. March 2020