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An aid project by P. Großmann in Oststeinbek, Germany

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P. Großmann (Project Manager)

P. Großmann
“PASO” is Spanish (“el paso”) for shortage, step and journey through.

During our trip around the world, we aim to raise awareness for an ecology-minded life-style because: What many people simply don’t know is that acting sustainably is easier than you may think, and it is not only doing something good for “Mother Earth” but also for your wallet! This is reason enough to keep reading and listen carefully!

With a comic flyer, we will raise awareness to promote the responsible use of natural resources and to promote a sustainable lifestyle among the locals and the travellers of the countries we will travel through–combined with the additional benefit of saving money.

Each flyer pictures three (energy-saving) tips and their benefits in a comic book style representation. The tips are tailored to be practical in everyday life – no big investments or special skills are needed.

Artists from all-over the world (along our route) designed their “TOP-3-comic-tips” based on the environmental problems which they think are most serious in their region and need to be improved.

The flyer will be printed localy and together with the local artist we will select cafés, universities, libraries, pubs, restaurants, hostels, etc., that comply with our project’s philosophy, where we will display the flyers.

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Location: Oststeinbek, Germany

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