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S. Schoppe (Project Manager), written about 1 month ago

S. Schoppe

Urgent call for help: some 4000 Palawan Forest Turtles confiscated

Dear all,
This is an urgent call for help.
Yesterday, June 17 some 4312 live and 90 dead freshwater turtles were confiscated in Southern Palawan. Last night they arrived at the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (the government organization in charge) in Puerto Princesa City who then requested Katala Foundation to take over. Since KFI can hardly handle such a large number we requested that most of them would be temporarily deposited at the Government Rescue Center (PWRCC) for species identification and assessment of health conditions. That is what we did today whole day. We counted 3748 live S. leytensis, 159 dead S. leytensis, 168 C. dentata and 25 C. amboinensis.
The total of 4137 is lower than what was published in the news yesterday (4312) which might reflect losses along the way and uncounted deaths.
They are in terrible conditions: dehydrated, malnourished, bite wounds, shell rot, etc. all showing that they have been kept in captivity for long. We presume that they have been collected all over the range of the species in Northern Palawan for the past of least 6 months. It further looks as if they were destined for China to be shipped out from where they were confiscated in the south of Palawan . The good news is that our estimates of the total wild population size was too low, but the bad news is that after this confiscation the estimate is most probably true again. It might be even too low since we know that some local populations in Taytay are already depleted.

The number of confiscated is more than KFI can handle due to the lack of facilities. So fare we took care of some 500 only. The remainder is still at the government rescue center, who only committed to keep them for a couple of days. They too don’t have the funds to take care of such a number of individuals, nor do they have the man power and knowledge about the husbandry of this species.

There two options A) keep them in the rescue center provided we (KFI) allocate the funds to cover all costs. But even with a lot of efforts, conditions there a not good for turtles. B) We lease a property with natural water, fence it and keep the turtles there until they are ready for release. I did survey potential areas this morning and found one feasible and affordable.

Definitely we hope to release them as soon as possible but that needs planning considering the large number and the fact that they are collected all over the northern part of the Province. We wish to do DNA sequencing hoping to identify source of origin. 

A very rough estimate of the most urgent needs of the turtles until release (some 3 months) amounts to some PHP505,000 or USD 12,000 excluding the DNA sampling which we believe should be done as well. Costs will just cover food, basic health care (incl deworming), water, husbandry, improvement of the facilities in which they are now or preparing a leased area, and morphology.
Please help me spreading this information and help me raising funds to rehabilitate these Palawan Forest Turtles.
Hoping for your feedback and support,

We need your help

S. Schoppe (Project Manager), written about 1 month ago

S. Schoppe

World Turtle Day - Solicitation Letter

Dear Turtle Friends,

I just arrived from a meeting with the Western Philippine University (WPU) with whom we celebrate for the past 7 years the World Turtle Day in the Philippines. To augment our limited funds we formulated a solicitation letter which is herewith attached. Any support is highly appreciated.


Dear Sir / Madam:
Katala Foundation and WPU–Puerto Princesa Campus will celebrate the 7th World Turtle Day this coming 17 July 2015 with the theme “Sa Palawan Lamang: Ang Palawan Forest Turtle”
This year’s event intends to raise awareness about the continuous rampant illegal collection of the Palawan Forest Turtle Siebenrockiella leytensis. This species is endemic to Palawan and critically endangered. The collection for food and pet is driving it to extinction.
We will invite high school students from various schools in Puerto Princesa City and neighboring municipalities to compete in Quiz Bee, Logo-making contest, Turtle Trade Drama and Sing & Dance. Winners will receive cash prizes, school supplies, books and certificates.
In connection to this, may we respectfully solicit any amount or in-kind contribution (books, booklets, school supplies, certificate paper, streamer printing, etc.) from you to augment resources for the prizes and supplies? We are looking forward for your support in this conservation advocacy. Rest assured that we will give due recognition for whatever support you may extend.
For further information, please contact Mrs. Elsa Carmen Montaňo (09493065981).
Yours sincerely,

Dr. Sabine Schoppe                   Dr. Lota A. Creencia
Director, Philippine Freshwater              Dean, College of Fisheries and
Turtle Conservation Program             Aquatic Sciences
Katala Foundation Inc.                  WPU-PPC

7th World Turtle Day in the Philippines
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