Closed Medical needs to destitute elderly people

An aid project by “Women's Emancipation and Development Trust” (S. Dharma Neethi) in Madurai, India

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S. Dharma Neethi (Project Manager)

S. Dharma Neethi
From time immemorial, the society has been witnessing generation gaps and the youth always despite the elders. In our agricultural background, the senior citizens have been deemed as burdens in their own houses and family. For many older people in rural areas, quality health care is both unaffordable and inaccessible.They could not reach hospital nor they do not have money to invite doctors to the locality.

The Trust identified some of 100 elderly people in this area who are in need of such medical assistance. The project intends to assist these neglected elderly citizens in the rural atmosphere with health check up and medicine for a month.

the donation benefits the elderly people with medicines and doctor health checkups.

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Location: Madurai, India

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