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Closed Let rescued children study and play

Mombasa, Kenya


F. KAMELI wrote on 25-01-2013

Mahali pa usalama children have become expertsin drawing, painting and colouring. The materials bought to them from betterplace and from the Diocese, the availability of an Art teacher have helped them greately in painting different pictures with different shades. The centre has never had water colours but when we purchased them, we received such happiness from children who could now mix different colours to get the colour that they want or use the colours to paint different images.

The children too have learnt to draw their fellow children as they look and observe different features and characteristics in one another. Several times they have drawn me and i tell you that i really looked like myself. This kind of therapy is helping our children to heal quickly, progress well and think of getting back to school.

This week we have taken three girls to a childrens home in Kilifi through the court. They are now in a new home run by the LIONS CLUB Mombasa.It was interesting accompanying them and seeing together how their new home looks like. These three children had no where to stay and some of their offenders are still at home and so cant go back to the same environment.





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