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Bamboo School - A School for Rempek

A project from Universität Stuttgart, IBK
in Rempek Gangga, Indonesia

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Luca Luna Apollonia Buchholz project manager25 November 2020 at 05:06 PM

This comment responds to this news.

We would like to thank you once again for your support and would like to inform you about the news of the last months. With your help we were able to realize two classrooms!

It is now more than half a year since the last students from Stuttgart had to leave the small island of Lombok. We all look back at our time there with great memories, not only in regards to realizing the construction of the school, but also with a deep friendship towards the locals.

Together with the Indonesian students from Surabaya and Lombok, the supervisors of our Universities and our bamboo team from aur.bamboo we were a strong international and interdisciplinary team.

At the beginning we had to do some preparatory work. This included cleaning the construction site and building a temporary roof to be able to work during the unpredictable rainy periods. When the first, already processed bamboo delivery arrived, the bamboo was flexed, cleaned and sawn for the frame construction. The surveying work was carried out in parallel. The hexagonal ground plan was staked out and the excavation was dug along the line. The ring foundation was poured with protruding probation for the bamboo supports. Further bamboo deliveries followed, these were treated by us on site. For this purpose, the junctions were first punctured with a long probationary iron. Only the last junction should remain whole, because the bamboo was filled with the protective agent borax to filter out the sugar content. This process takes about one week. For the sustainable use of resources, the liquid was poured off and reused for the next load.
Furthermore, we made the frames of the main construction for the first pavilion on the ground and used them as a template for the other frames. The individual frames were rammed onto the foundations and we connected them in the middle. Then we fixed the bracing and the roof construction. While one group started to build the walls of the first pavilion, another group prepared the frames for the second pavilion. A third group took care of the roofing. For this we used so-called "pelupuh", flat stretched bamboo, which is laid in two layers with a waterproof foil in between shingle-like. When the bamboo frames of the second pavilion were finished, they were also placed on the foundations and fixed in the middle. The setting up of the frames was always especially exciting and emotional, because you need a lot of hands for it.
Together we built a very important part of the construction.
For the second classroom we were able to fix the bracing and the roof construction, cover the roof and start with the wall elements. At the moment there is a standstill on our construction site due to the pandemic. Unfortunately it was not possible for our team to finish the last construction steps of the second pavilion because we had to leave. The guys from aur.bamboo and the students from Lombok were able to continue and finish the work in October.

All participants are highly motivated to work again on this great project and we are happy to inform you that the realization of further modules is already in planning. We are eagerly awaited to continue the bamboo work.
With your great support we hope to finance and realize the following classrooms for the children from Rempek.

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