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A New Skatepark For The Barefoot Skateboarders

Janwaar, Panna, Madhya Pradesh, India

Skate. Educate. Build community. These are the pillars of Janwaar Castle - the greatest skatepark you’ve never heard of. There, the skateboard is more than just a board on four wheels. It's a vehicle for social change, gender equality, and education.

Ulrike Reinhard from The Rural Changemakers e.V.
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Hi, my name is Ulrike Reinhard and I am the founder of Janwaar Castle and the Rural Changemakers e.V.  – I've been living in India for 7 years. 

The Rural Changemakers is an award–winning project in the field of rural development. It's using skateboarding as a trigger for change. In less than five years the skatepark has brought tangible change to Janwaar, Madhaya Pradesh, a remote village with 1200 villagers. 

Our rule „No school, no skateboarding!“ has swamped the kids into the school – school attendance went up by 30%! And "Girls first!" will always guarantee a girl a skateboard and make her voice heard! 

This video explains nicely what we are doing:

Janwaar has become a hotspot on the international skateboarding map. Nyjah Huston, the multiple World Champion has visited us, two of our kids – Asha and Arun – represented India last year at the World Skateboarding Championships in China and at the Indian Skateboarding Championships the Janwaar kids won 11 out of 18 medals. All gold medals went to Janwaar !

We do need a new skatepark – a street skateboarding kind of venue so that the kids can improve their skills in all ways. The landscape of the new park is already laid out, the foundation is done – we need to do the surface. By the end of November the final construction phase will start!

Three French Skateboarders and two Germans will come and help the locals to finish the construction.  To complete the work we still need another 4500 Euros. 

Our BIG question is: Can you help us to realize ? 

This would be awesome ! And we reach another milestone with our project!

100% of the donations go into the project! We do NOT have any overhead costs!