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Urgent: cold aid for children in need in Romania

As in other Eastern European countries, families have to struggle with a life-threatening cold and frost in Romania every year. Support them to survive the hard season.

Dennis Özmen from YOU Stiftung - Bildung für Kinder in NotWrite a message

A warm home doesn't wait for everyone, especially not in the Eastern Europe. Expecting the icy cold, children in need, some of them neglected, have to live in extreme situations – marginalized from the city or village community. Some families live in temporary huts without heating, electricity or running water. During the severe frost, the wells often freeze.

For some of them, social centres are the only refuge and their last hope. There they can get water, hot meals, blankets or winter clothes. But also their means and help possibilities are very limited and urgently dependent on support.

The YOU Foundation would like to provide the Casa Martin social centre in the Romanian village of Nou with the necessary funds to support the children and families. Already with € 4,50 you can take part in the fight against winter, because three warm meals are secured for one child.

Helping people to help themselves is an essential focus of the foundation's work in order to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Therefore, you can also support the families in a sustainable way, if you spend for a warming stove that can be used for several years. With € 60 you can buy such a stove for a family and guarantee that the children will never have to freeze again at home. Even with winter-proof clothes and thick blankets you can support the needy.

Many children fall ill with pneumonia in the wet and cold season. The social centre needs vitamin preparations and antibiotics so that they don't die from the consequences of non-treatment.

Therefore, support the children and their families in Romania to survive the extreme winter.