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BELLEVUE DI MONACO eG, an integration project in the heart of Munich

München, Germany

BELLEVUE DI MONACO eG is a residential, cultural and integration social cooperative for refugees and a meeting place for people from Munich in the houses of Müllerstraße 2, 4 and 6 in the heart of Munich.

Antje Günther from BELLEVUE DI MONACO eG | 
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About this project

BELLEVUE DI MONACO eG - a cultural, residential and integration social cooperative for refugees

The project originated from the protest against the increasing gentrification of the city center and the demolition of still habitable buildings. Based on a leasehold agreement, the three buildings were awarded to the cooperative for 40 years by the owner, the state capital of Munich, and renovated with donations, a great volunteer commitment and a financial support of the City of Munich.

The BELLEVUE in the center of Munich shows the opportunities of cultural diversity for living together. It is a place where people from different cultural and social milieus live and work, meet and support each other. There are low-threshold language courses and tutoring, counseling and help, there are numerous workshops and many different cultural events such as concerts, discussions, readings or theater offered.

The diversity of urban society becomes visible here and the maintaining of social peace can be experienced.

Instead of housing refugees on the outskirts of cities, in industrial areas or isolated camps, we have brought them together with their topics into the heart of society. The aim is the operation of the houses in the Müllerstraße 2-6 on the one hand as a living, consulting, education and cultural project for refugees and on the other hand as a forum for refugees and residents of Munich.

We actively participate in the future of our urban society as committed Munich residents. Tolerance and cosmopolitanism are foundations that shape our actions.

In addition to the broad offer for refugees and the mobilization of the public, we give all people a concrete place where the topics of flight, migration, immigration and identity can be negotiated.

Integrating refugees into the labor market is an essential component of our approach. To do this, we network with potential employers, but we also try to create jobs ourselves. With this donation, we would like to set up an internship position in the field of administration and cultural management for a young refugee.

The BELLEVUE is committed to strengthening a solidary civil society that resolutely raises its voice against the increased emergence of right-wing extremist currents, racism and anti-Semitism.
Updated at 18. March 2020

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