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Capoeira für Alle

Inorder to open our Capoeira cultural center we need your support. We want to create a barrier-free space for movement, music, culture and community.

Stefanie Fack from SV International Capoeira Raiz e.V.Write a message

Our goal is to open a cultural capoeira centre in Berlin. With our capoeira master Bailarino from Brazil we train movement and rhythm, learn Portuguese and the colonial history of Brazil on a daily basis. We also deal with socio-cultural issues such as racism and critical whiteness. We would like to do all this even more intensively in our own centre.
Furthermore, it is important to us to attract a diverse Group of people and to ensure access for as many people as possible. In the future, we would like to train in a place that presents as few barriers as possible for participants and to constantly question and improve our work, our premises and our classes in this regard.
Since we are still a small Capoeira group, we are dependent on donations in our project, which will help us to raise the rent for our center. Every donation counts and is accepted and used with heartfelt gratitude.