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Funded Help the holiday camp for the kids from the Rocinha favela!

The community center "Centro Comunitario da Rua 2" urgently needs donations to finance its summer camp for up to 250 underpriviliged kids from the Rocinha favela after the loss of "Rio Onibus" as a sponsor

A. Hencke from Ev.-Luth. Kirchengemeinde LokstedtWrite a message

In the last years Rio de Janeiro attracted a great deal of publich attention: Confed Cup, World Cup and finally the olympics. But unfortunately from this raised attention the residents of the favelas did not benefit at all. Quite the contrary is true: The city of Rio declared a state of financial emergency. This led to huge austerity measures especially for social projects and in the UPP, the Pacifying Police Unit. As a result the drug cartels in Rocinha gained back strength and with them the violence in the favelas. Furthermore with Bolsonaro and Rio's governor Witzel the police killings are now on a long time high.

What is it about?

The comunity center "Centro Counitario da Rua 2" urgently needs donations to finance its summer camp for up to 250 underpriviliged kids from the Rocinha favela in January.
The summer camp was initiated 9 years ago to give the kids of the favela access to appropriate activities, to keep them away from the alleys and to show them the city. This is particularly importantant as the situation in Rocinha is still really tense at the moment.

The program costs the parents, if they can afford it, 50 reais (about 12,50€) for 4 weeks of daily activities from 7:30 hs to 15:00 hs, including breakfast and lunch. With this money, the 15-20 mentors who take care of the 250 kids are paid. Most of them are also from Rocinha and already participated in former activities. The food, the transport and the entrance to the different attractions such as parks, beaches and museums are all donations.

Why are there problems now?

Until 2015 Rio Onibus provided 4 buses. Unfortunately due to the complicated financial situation of the company and the city the company cannot provide those buses anymore. Now, as last year, friends of Davi have offered to provide school buses again. The unconvered expenses such as fuel, needed repairs and a small salary for the drivers sum up to 9500 reais for each bus. However, with the help of your donations in the last three years the camp could be realised!

And now?

With the help of your donation we can hopefully gather the required money to pay the buses to facilitate the summer camp. Two hundred fifty really adorable kids will make it up to you with a big smile and hopefully forget the reality of the favela for hopefully a month!


Your donation is collected via which provides a convinient donation platform. It is completely free of charge and is a non-profit organisation. If you live in Germany you even get a tax-reduction for your donation. The collected money is then transfered to the Protestant Church which then sends the money directly to the community center. You can (but don't have to) make also a donation for during the donation progress (you can change the shown amount!) 

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