Funded Jidal - peaceful dialogue

An aid project by “unterwegs e.V.” (A. Joppich) in Douz, Tunisia

A. Joppich (Project Manager)

A. Joppich
Support the establishment of an institute for political education in southern Tunisia, as well as a grass-roots, local initiatives for the protection against radical tendencies and new dictatorship!

Tunisia has a good starting position to build a stable democracy but on the other hand, only limited experience with political participation and civil society work. So far there was the attitude: "Thou mayest not even have a political thought, because they can see it in your eyes." Those who studied politics, made themselves suspicious. What we need now is a culture of participation to arise. Tunisians, who studied political science abroad, will play a crucial role.

Hafedh Ben Mansour is one of these. In the 1980s he participated in the students' protests and therefore had to complete his studies in political sciences in Germany. "The process of democratisation in Tunisia in tension between tradition and modernity" was the topic of his master's thesis. With the upheaval in Tunisia his past dream became true. Hafedh Ben Mansour returned to his hometown. Since January 2011 he advises actors of the revolutionary movement, mediates in conflicts and supports the establishment of democratic structures, esp. youth organizations.

Hafedh Ben Mansour does his work as volunteer. He likes to operate on grass-root-level. It is precisely here, where democratic consciousness has to arise. His experience as a social worker in Germany is of great benefit now. With your donation, you support Hafedh Ben Mansour:
- in increasing awareness of the population for democracy and motivating for active participation,
- in mediating conflicts and, therefore strengthening democratic ways to resolve conflicting interests,
- advice civil society organizations, the necessary basis to prevent antidemocratic forces to regain control of the politics
- support young people in the self-organization.

Thereby the foundation of an institute for political education will be achieved. Hafedh Ben Mansour promotes democratic principles in the population, but also qualifies further persons for political education. This will be done both on the university level, as well as for teachers and young people from civil society organizations.

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Location: Douz, Tunisia

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