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Modernization of open stables for the winter

Ennepetal, Germany

With your support we want to improve the open stables of the Meyers Hof for the winter. To do this, the roofs have to be re-sealed, walls have to be made windproof or light has to be brought into the dark stables.

Lars C. Meyer from Tierwohl e.V.
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With this project we want to collect financial support for the renovation of the open stables of the Meyers Hof. The animals are kept on the farm all year round in so-called open stables. The inhabitants of the stables are currently 3 cows, 41 sheep, 3 goats and 4 pigs. They are all from the animal protection and may enjoy now their life with much love and in peace. A big one for animal welfare :-)

What does the farm need concretely? 
- The roofs must be sealed anew
- The walls must be partly made windproof
- Light should be installed for the dark season of the year
- The outlets are to be made fit for the wet season