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Funded Solange's animal shelter in Brazil

Atibaia, Brazil

Funded Solange's animal shelter in Brazil

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Solange Maeda and her animals need our support. She is not able to pay the recurring bills for food, medicine and veterinarian aid by herself, especially since she is unemployed as of 01.05.2011. Please help her.

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Solange lives in Brazil, in Atibaia in the state of São Paulo. She uses her small property as a safe haven for many cats and dogs as well as 2 horses, all of which she saved from emergency situations: hungry and/or sick animals, from newborn kittens and puppies to adult animals which had been abandoned at her door or near her property and which she first had to save from starvation, to animals that have been abused and which she had to nurse back to health – something that has often been successful through veterinarian assistance.

When the opportunity to place one of the animals presents itself, she pays attention to whom she gives the animal and afterwards keeps in close contact with the adopter in order to make sure that the animal well provided for. She also tries to encourage the people around her to rethink their role and to make them understand that they have a responsibility towards the animals. Unfortunately, this is rarely successful and instead she is often laughed at.
Since she helps the animals in her role as a private citizen, she receives no official support and instead needs to rely on donations and animal sponsorships.

From a period of unemployment (2006-2009) she had built up a large amount of debt with pet shops and veterinarians. She has managed to settle those old debts – partly through donations, but primarily through compensation she received in 2011 from her last employer (after losing her job). Nevertheless, there are always new demands since she continuously has to buy new food and medication and in some cases special food for severely or chronically ill animals. Unfortunately, veterinarian intervention is also needed a lot – sometimes for a longer period of time, often in combination with surgeries or residential treatment. The debts with the pet shops and the veterinarians are often caused by the animals that Solange helps but that do not belong to her.

Her recent unemployment severely affects her, particularly since there has been no positive response so far to her numerous job applications. This is aggravated by her financial worries and her concern for the sick animals, independent of whether they live with her or whether they are cared for somewhere else.

Please help Solange – she needs us in order to make sure that she can provide a home for the animals in the future and to enable her to provide them with food and medicine and to give them access to the necessary veterinary care…

… and also to be able to continue helping many more hungry and sick animals in her area.