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Construction of kindergarten, school and doctor's house in Chiuno Village,

A project from YOOW e.V. - Young and Old for One World
in Kasungu, Malawi

Kindergarten, school and doctor's house in Malawi. The people of Chiuno Village live without water and electricity supply at the subsistence level. They want education for their children and a better future. We support them: with your help ?!

Achim R.
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About this project

The people of Chiuno Village we met in 2018. They live at the subsistence level. We have built two wells for them. Their wish is that during their field work, the children are cared for and can also attend a school. In addition to a water and electricity supply, there is also a lack of medical help. We want to change that. There will also be a cantine for the care of the children, where healthy and varied food (from own cultivation) will be taught and served. In particular, we want to support that the girls also attend school. And the women want training opportunities to start a business. The village community has registered as CBO (community based organization), which is registered as a non-profit organization and is our cooperation partner. We are in good contact with all competent authorities and Chiefs. Almost equally, women and men are committed and involved in the CBO board, the water and school committee.
Our partners are very motivated and committed to a better future. The group of seven villages is located about 7 km northeast of the district capital Kasungu. Even the villages in the immediate vicinity are interested in the school. Currently we are in Germany with the financing and our partners with the clay brick production. We wish a broad support, use your donations responsibly and earmarked, offer sponsorships for sick children and for each supporter the possibility of a targeted use of funds. (water or electricity projects, school meals, purchase of building components, medical aid, school and teaching materials, etc.)