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Funded Family meetings for young refugees abroad

We would like to organize family reunions for young refugees abroad. M. and O. have not seen their families for almost 5 years. Both are 19 years old and can neither make family reunification nor return to their homeland.

Maryam K. from SolidariGee e.V.Write a message

Remember your 15-year-old self and imagine that you would be on your own from one day to the next. From now on, you will only hear your parents over the phone and will receive pictures from time to time - for an indefinite period of time.

M. and O. have been living in Berlin for over 4 years and are both facing new stages in their lives. Both are now 19 years old and both come from Syria. One is currently trying to set up his own business and the other is in his training. Both speak German and master further everyday hurdles. Mostly with success, but alone and on their own.

That was not always the case:
Both left their country almost 5 years ago as minors and fled to Germany along the well-known route with their neighbours. Young and alone, carrying many traumas thanks to prison stays, persecution, beatings and taking the boat from Turkey to Greece. Admitted to the youth welfare service, they were handed through Berlin, learned the language, graduated and are now facing new stages in their lives. Due to catastrophic bureaucracy, both were granted refugee status far too late, so that regular family reunification was no longer possible because they were already 18 years old.

For almost 5 years now, they have not seen their families outside a screen. There is also no possibility to do so in the near future, as they neither have the financial means nor can return home, and their parents would not be issued Schengen visas to visit.

We would like to give M. and O. the chance to meet their families abroad. We are looking for donors for all related costs.

Concretely financed:

Airfare costs
Accommodation costs
food costs

The meetings are planned in a country in which it is even possible for Syrians* to enter without visas. The selection is very small. All costs should be covered, as all participants have no financing due to the ongoing war and low income being a young person and a refugee in Germany.

Dr. Beate Thomas, trauma therapist: 

"Resilience is the ability to survive even the worst experiences, traumas such as fleeing and expulsion, and to integrate them into one's personal life history as part of one's own life. Resilience develops through relationships that give stability, as parents and other important caregivers offer their children. Safety and security within ourselves first of all requires a connection to others who believe in us, respect us in our own way and give us the feeling that we are not alone in the world, but part of a community. It is precisely during puberty that this relationship experience supports the personality in its development. Every person needs a companion in order to develop in security. The first and most important person to meet is usually mother and father". 

We are happy about every support!

Thank you.