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GEJJA - Support us to create a women center in rural Uganda

Mpigi, Uganda

GEJJA empowers marginalized women and girls in rural Uganda to start their own business, receive proper education and eliminate all forms of gender bias to create a just society in which everyone enjoys the same rights and opportunities.

Klara G. from Jangu e.V.
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The GEJJA Women Foundation empowers women and girls in rural Uganda through the support in business development, educational scholarships, skills training, sexual- and reproductive health and gender mainstreaming. We are a local NGO working in Uganda, a country where women and girls still face tremendous challenges in everyday life: Traditional roles and values, gender inequality as well as sexual- and gender-based violence put them at a disadvantage and affects their access to education, health, economic resources and social services. Women and girls are hindered to unleash their full potentials and to generate their own income to become independent. By denying them access to equal rights and opportunities, as well as jobs and education, women and girls are systematically left behind, which creates a major burden to the country's economic growth due to deficient exploitation of the country's human resources. 

GEJJA empowers rural women and girls in Uganda, by enabling them to start their own business to make a living, by sending former school drop-out girls back to school to boost on their education and prevent child marriage, by training them in sexual- and reproductive health to be able to make decisions over their own bodies and life and by promoting gender mainstreaming to create a just environment for both, men and women.

Until now, already 250 women are working under GEJJA Women Foundation, mainly in small businesses such as permaculture, soap-, wine-, or basket making, as well as production of reusable sanitary pads and diapers. To be able to provide them a save environment, we will create a GEJJA Women Center, where all our GEJJA women can work from, share ideas, cooperate and exchange. 

Therefore, we need your support: after having bought our land and having received a proper construction plan, the next step is to start constructing the center. With your donation you will contribute to our mission of empowering marginalized women and girls in rural Uganda and creating a save space for them to fully unleash their potentials.