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Gardening Project (South Africa)

A project from Stiftung Kinder fördern - Zukunft stiften
in Paternoster, South Africa

The German foundation "Kinder fördern-Zukunft stiften" is realising a "Gardening Project" with students from Germany and South Africa, to give children of South Africa future perspectives. Help us with your donation to create a sustainable project.

Maike R.
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About this project

“No child in Paternoster should be ever without a dream!” 
Since 2016 the German foundation “Kinder fördern – Zukunft stiften“ is working for this main idea in the little village “Paternoster” located at the northern west coast of South Africa. The residents of Paternoster were living on fishing over generations. Due to the climate change and the overstrung fishing quota, the significance of fishing decreases. In addition to that there are not a lot of alternative income sources. The consequences of this lack of prospects are huge. Crime rates and drug traffic are increasing. Early pregnancies, gang warfare, AIDS and famines are the result. On the one hand all those circumstances are impairing the tourism in Paternoster but on the other hand especially the children of Paternoster are the sufferers. A lack of education and a life on street is the best requirement to get involved with alcohol and drugs. All in all, this situation causes helpless, depressive and spacy children with slight chances to get out of that bad circle.

"Creating, assuming responsibility and rising altogether."
A part of the daily "Afternoon Program", that is created by the volunteers, is going to be the "Gardening Project". Together with some of the children we want to create a garden with various plants, herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc.
It is fascinating that there can grow a magnificent plant out of a little seed. With this project we want the children to experience self-efficacy and to lern how it is to really assume responsibility for something. We want them to see that it is possible to built something big out of something small and unimpressive.
Long-term we also want to show them the importance of balanced diet by planting and learning about fruits and vegetables.

With your donation we can put this project into practice. Let us built a base for the children to give them a possibility to develop, rise and shine!