Co-operation and Grant-in Aid to the Society.

An aid project by “EKTA WELFARE SOCIETY” (a. khan) in kota, India

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a. khan (Project Manager)

a. khan
We have pleasure to intimate that “Ekta Welfare Society” is working constantly for the last fifteen years for the objectives of establishment of Unity and Peace in the Society as well as eradication of Poverty and Child Labor undertaking programmers for Child Development, Empowerment of Women, Human Right Preservation and Conservation of Environment etc.
Although the Government is also working in this direction but due to the bureaucracy and Non seriousness of Govt. Officials, the gap between the Poor and the Rich is increasing day by day with the result the half of the population is living below Poverty line and many of them have to sleep hungry in night.The Society has made a strong determination to eradicate Bagging ( Bhikshavritti )
and rehabilitee the poor baggers by providing vocational training and engaging them in constructive activities to make them a part of the Society. The programmed includes the Child Development, and Upliftment of Poor's by engaging the men and women in Self
Employment by proper training programmers etc. which is the prime need of the time.To achieve this goal, we would appeal your good self to kindly grant financial assistance and Aid to the Society so that the weaker and Poor sections of the Society may be deployed to the main stream of Social and National Progress by improving their financial and social status.

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Location: kota, India

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