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"Streetart" - An Art Project for a more cozy outdoor area

Hamburg, Germany

"Streetart" - An Art Project for a more cozy outdoor area

Hamburg, Germany

We want to replace a tarpaulin with a wooden fence to create a space which is more sheltered and pleasant. This wooden fence will be designed with and for homeless people. Giving them space to create something and express their important values.

N. Rotärmel from hoffnungsorte hamburg - Verein Stadtmission | 
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About this project

The Herz As offers a small outdoor area to relax and enjoy the good weather. The visitors can enjoy flowerbeds and plants, take a sunbath or simply sit together and chat. There's only a small issue. The fence backs to a big road and a construction site. The current solution is a green plastic tarpaulin sheltering the area from the view and noise.

We would love to improve this solution by replacing the tarpaulin with wooden plates. These plates can be used to foster a feeling of security and give the visitors an opportunity to break free from their daily lives and create something. To shape the place where they spend a lot of time. While asking around what people would wish to see on the wall it, was voiced that they would love to see the values of family, home, hope and a general warm vibe displayed. 

Please help us making this project possible. To achieve this we need materials.
Such as: MDF wooden plates, paint and varnish

Updated at 18. March 2020

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