Save a life, Save a country, Eradicate Cholera.

An aid project by “Unique Friends Humanitarian and Development Org” (U. Friends) in Bafut, Cameroon

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U. Friends (Project Manager)

U. Friends
Goal: Ensure a cholera free community

Project description:
The cholera out break is a nightmare in Cameroon since 2010 which has claimed more than 200 lives and over 2500 infected cases. It’s presently in the Bafut community, North West region with 11 people killed and 300 infected cases. The disease is spreading as a result of the lack of potable water and poor hygienic conditions in the community imagine a community of about 750 inhabitants with just one river from where water is gotten for drinking, cooking, bathing, and laundry and also used for sewage disposal, thus making the community a breeding ground for such diseases.
To prevent the further loss of lives, we need to take action now, because about 40% of the population is already infected making it an emergency. So with your help, we can save a life, save a country, eradicate cholera.

- Prevent the loss of life.
- Preventing the further spread of the disease.

The community as a whole will directly benefit from this project.

With your donations, medication will be provided and portable water sources constructed.

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Location: Bafut, Cameroon

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