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Closed Orphanage Independence: A guesthouse for Donkorkrom's orphans

A project from Together For Ghana e.V.
in Donkorkrom, Ghana

Generating a source of income for the orphanage in Donkorkrom (Ghana), through the construction of a guesthouse.

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About this project

 During our internship, we were accommodated in the Donkorkrom orphanage unfinished guest house, where we spent most of our time when not working at the nearby hospital. We did not miss the fact that these children living in unhealthy conditions: Moldy walls, mosquito nets with holes the size of a basketball and leaky ceilings. In addition, every second child here had malaria once. We did the following: We called our friends and family and asked for money to buy nets. In fact, the callout was such a success that we were able to gather enough money to replace the nets on all the doors and windows of the building and to fix the leakage in the ceilings. 
It was fascinating and moving to see how so little effort can contribute to such an impact. 
However, we also knew that there would soon be urgent repair work again. We sat together to brainstorm on how to help the orphanage in a sustainable way and so the “Orphanage Independence project” was born. 
With this project, we hope to support the financial independence of the orphanage in Donkorkrom by completing the construction of the associated guest house. The orphanage is dependent on donations. However, donations are barely enough to supply the orphanage with their basic needs. We hope to change this situation. Instead of solely relying on donations, income would now be generated by renting rooms in the guest house. With the completion of the guest house, travelers and volunteers can rent accommodations and the proceeds go directly to the Orphanage. Your donations will be used to hire local construction workers and cover material costs. 
This project will not only benefit the orphanage, but also the whole community. Tourist accommodation in the city does not exist. With the construction of a centralized accommodation, more students and volunteers will find their way into the city, creating a link between the Donkorkrom region and the outside world. 
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