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Help girls and women in rural India to manage menstruation and break taboos

United for Hope is an international NGO committed to empower women and girls living in underserved rural areas in India. With projects around menstrual hygiene, WASH and gender sensitivity we help them to build a more dignified future for themselves.

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About the problem

In rural India, women are still facing difficulties in managing their periods hygienically and with dignity. The topic of menstruation is surrounded by taboos, stigmas, and myths which restrict women from participating in cultural, educational, social and income-generating activities – particularly in underserved and marginalised areas. 

On top of this, women and girls face numerous other challenges on a daily basis: they run households, take care of domestic chores and help with agricultural labour, all the while enduring discrimination, domestic violence, sexual abuse and the pressure of early marriages.

At the root of these issues often lie patriarchal norms, which are still widely accepted and passed on to the next generations, creating an endless cycle of oppression

Our solution

We aim to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene practices and improve period management for women and girls in semi-rural areas. In addition, we also intend to involve boys and men as allies in the fight for a more equal and inclusive society, where women's needs are prioritised and their decisions matter.

To achieve these goals, we designed a project which encompasses 3 elements:

- awareness workshops for girls and boys on Menstrual Hygiene Management and Gender Sensitivity, with provision of sample Sanitary Kits
- trainings for male and female teachers on Menstrual Hygiene Management and Gender Sensitivity
- access to and maintenance of adequate WASH facilities in schools

We aim to target a total of 10,000 students and 350 teachers, creating a more supportive and inclusive environment in 100 schools and related communities.

For a visual impression of our Menstrual Hygiene awareness workshops, check out this video.

Your contribution

Each donation, however small, has the enormous potential to transform the lives of women and girls in rural India and move toward a more supportive, inclusive and equal society. 

Thank you!
The United for Hope Team

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