An aid project by “-Kiptere.Ch” (Nadja S.) in Kericho, Kenya

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  • A.
    An anonymous user donated almost 6 years ago
  • Nadja S.
    Nadja S. (Project Manager) donated about 6 years ago
  • R. Odiyo
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    R. Odiyo recommends this project with his on site report about 6 years ago
    My name is Robins I'm part of team in kenya. Ive been working there since it started its operations in 2008.Its real many children are not able to get the basic needs because of issues related to HIV, Single parent hood or poverty.

    Our latest concern is the issue of the girl child. the recent we get shocking news every time we visit primary schools. Many can not afford sanitary towels. They end up using pieces of clothes, pieces if mattresses and other crude materials. As a result, many are infected by urinary tract infections (UTI). We welcome all the ideas that will help us help this situation.
  • W. Korir
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    W. Korir recommends this project with his on site report almost 7 years ago
    I am part of the Kenyan Staff on the ground in this project.I have seen families without basic needs like food, clothes & shelter during my time with I have seen children who don't go to play grounds, nor simply play freely like any innocent kid would do.This project is their hope.. and I am proud to be part of these team out there making a difference in these families' lives.
  • R. Odiyo
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    R. Odiyo recommends this project about 6 years ago
    I've been there from the time implementation work started in Kenya, i cant say much has been achieved because there is alot more to be done.a till many people need out support.There are families that slept in cold, slept on a bare dusty flour, were not sure of when they get the next meal, today, they have a beds, shelter and can till their land to get food.
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