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Funded Irmandade - Mozambican Hip Hop for donations

A project from IRMANDADE
in maputo, Mozambique

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Z. Bila 15 June 2011 at 12:50 AM
Why do you think the project deserves to be supported?

I co-operate with this "brotherhood" both in the promotion of activities within the group (Hip Hop Shows, donations, meetings), as well as in the promotion of Its image abroad (wrote the original text, in portuguese, that is being used to present IRMANDADE to the world, and made the respective photographs).
A. Belon project manager09 June 2011 at 09:31 PM
Why do you think the project deserves to be supported?

Irmandade is a strongly positive movement.
Out of the strenght of the Hip Hop energy and creativity, these crews make a better world. Together they make something growing happening, calling for more solidarity with the donations, promoting creativity and believing in Mozambique. They are a living example of positivism through the use of the creation potential. Moreover, Powerfull beats, world 1.class flows, the Irmandade (which in portuguese means fraternity, Mozambique being a portuguese speaking country) is the biggest Donation Hip Hop movement in Mozambique, spreading the positive vibrations.
Big Up. Long Life. Spread the love.