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Funded Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - say no to plastic in Cambodia

Battambang, Cambodia

Funded Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - say no to plastic in Cambodia

Battambang, Cambodia

Our partner organization Nearadei is active in the reduction, reuse and recycling of plastics and glass, sustainable agriculture and women empowerment. Education in sustainability is also an important part.

M. Wöll from Thüringisch Kambodschanische Gesellschaft e.V. | 
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About this project

Our partner organization Nearadei will fight plastics and pollution in Battambang, Cambodia. Nearadei wants to reduce the consumption of plastic, meaningfully recycle or reuse existing plastic waste, recycle glass and reuse it, and wants to help farmers in the region grow crops that can be used to make plastic alternatives , show more opportunities to make their income more varied.

Nearadei will manufacture products that are meaningful, durable and reusable, such as shopping bags, purses, school bags etc.
Glass can be used to make jars and other containers, and what can not be used is shredded and used as a water filter. In some regions there are still problems with the water supply, with a glass-sand filter rainwater becomes drinkable.

In the field of agriculture, a concept is to be developed with the farmers of the region and other organizations, which helps both the farmers and at the same time produces plants that can be used as an alternative to plastic. These are e.g. Hemp, agave, jute etc.

Since plastic is an integral part of clothing, it can be controlled by cultivating hemp here.
Nearadei wants to show alternatives that can be used all over the world.

Future jobs at Nearadei will be filled by women and disadvantaged people from poor and rural areas. In this way, Nearadei also helps women and the disadvantaged to live a more self-determined and independent life.
In addition, Nearadei will play an important role in education in the area of sustainability. The aim is to hold workshops in villages and schools, organize clean-ups and raise awareness of the environment.

The social aspect is a very important part. Nearadei is currently building a school of plastic bottles (bottle bricks). In this way, houses for poor families and other schools can be built. Also improving the income situation, e.g. The focus of Nearadei is on the waste collector families.
Updated at 15. July 2020