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Hope for Syria - Developing Resilience and healing emotional trauma

Currently is Idlib the most competitive area in Syria. In this area is the Hope Clinic placed. In the beginning it was a maternity hospital. But because of the big needs it offers therapies for traumatized children and adolescents.

A. Rotzler from Vision Hope International e.V.Write a message

 10-year-old Amal and her family, like so many others, became trapped in the poverty engendered by Syria’s war. Her father owned a small shop near their home, but an airstrike destroyed the business and left him with a debilitating injury. Later, a missile hit the family home, and Amal watched her cousin die. Following this traumatic event, she developed severe anxiety and could only sleep if her mother held her. 
Several years into the war, Amal’s mother was fortunate enough to find a job; however, it required that she be on duty for 48 hours straight every week. Overwhelmed with anxiety, Amal became withdrawn and depressive during her mother’s absences. At times she would cry all night long, then have angry outbursts at school and pull her hair out. 
Amal’s mental state deteriorated so severely that her mother brought her to the Hope Hospital for treatment. A psychologist there used art therapy and positive reinforcements to not only guide her in constructive behavior, but also to help her begin to heal from her trauma. Over the next few months, she was able to work through her debilitating anxiety and peacefully accept her mother’s work-related absences. Now discharged, she is able to continue healing and is doing well in school. She has high hopes for her future: she wants to become a doctor. 
As of 2019, there is good news for Syria. De-escalations in violence in some areas mean that, with your support, Vision Hope can expand its services to help more people in hard-to-reach places. A one-time gift of €35 or a monthly gift of €10 can help children like Amal heal from their wounds and develop the resilience that they will need in order to thrive in post-war Syria. 
From Amal and all of us at Vision Hope, thank you for helping us bring hope to Syria. 

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