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Languages for the future - we are building a school!

Battambang, Cambodia

The next steps should be gone. We want to build two classrooms and a library and equip them with meaningful things and thus offer the children more opportunities for learning! And of course in better conditions!

M. Wöll from Thüringisch Kambodschanische Gesellschaft e.V.
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"A bee can not build a hive by itself! So it is with us humans; we have to help each other and stick together for good things to happen. " - Vireak Kong

Every afternoon, Beehive School children arrive in the backyard of Vireak's house, a tuk-tuk driver and teacher. From 4 - 7 pm, the school offers language lessons in French, English and German. The students from the neighborhood are full of energy and want to learn!
Vireak is the head and official teacher of the school: he is always there to share his knowledge with the children. He is mostly supported by native speakers, who are a mix of long-term volunteers, travelers and expats.
1.5 years ago Vireak started Beehive School with his unwavering commitment to build an education project for all. He learned English when he studied at the Thai border and worked in a hospital. As a tuk-tuk driver, he repeatedly meets tourists from all over the world, thus he began to learn French and German. The lessons were originally intended for the children of his family, but soon he also started to invite the children from the neighborhood, who in turn brought their friends ..... and now 60 students of the community at the age of 5 - 25 years belong to Beehive School.
The pupils
The students live in the community of Sophi II in Battambang under poor conditions. Many of their parents work in other countries to send money home and so they are raised by relatives. Many do not have the money to send their children to language classes.
Positive effect
Battambang has a growing tourism industry and learning foreign languages will give students better future prospects. Thanks to Vireak and the volunteers, children are often involved in various social and cultural activities. So they are more often in the circus and participate in clean-ups in the city to raise awareness of a clean and plastic-free city.
The plan
Vireak's dream is to turn his house into a language school. However, we want to move forward step by step, as Vireak says.
For this development to progress we need financial help.
Goal of fundraising
Building classrooms, building a library and school supplies, computers and printers.
Many children are already in the Beehive School at 3pm. This time should be used in the future, because through learning games and books, the students will learn even more. A library full of Khmer and foreign books will help.
In order to make learning more effective during class, we want to build two classrooms so that we can teach with smaller class sizes. And so you too can help us to make Vireak's dream of a language school come true.