Funded Give street girls the right for education

An aid project by “ASHA, asociazione di promozione sociale, Rimini, I” (P. Mauss) in Bangalore, India

P. Mauss (Project Manager)

P. Mauss
Since 1999 we are supporting abandoned girls (3-19 years) in a fostercare project. We provide education, tutions, counselling and psychological care.
The project started after an exchange program of one of our members in an indian hospital.
Often the female children of the underpriviledged were left at the hospital, in an advanced stage of the illness, without care. In a short time the request for a place in the centre became consistent.
We are focusing on higher education, and therefore we try to keep the number of children low to respond quickly to any difficulty.
A lady with many years of experience in child welfare stays with the girls, while our indian partner organisation APSA has its headquarter nearby and easely surveys the project.
Besides 20 girls, who live in the fostercare we also sponsor children, who live in their families (externals), to prevent that they will be abandoned.
The smaller 2nd and 3rd floor of our rented appartement house is used by group living working girls, those who unfortunately dropped out of the school education, and need a place to stay.
But our focus is on higher school education in better schools.
This is the reason why our house is located in a middle class district near higher standard schools.
Unfortunatly we are struggling with many unforseen conflicts in the group, but also with the traumas of any single girl. This and the small group of permanent sponsors (we are 19 members in our association) makes it difficult to run the project amd we are cronical short of money.
Besides more members in our project we need urgently the funds to end the last 3 month of the financial year 2008/2009.
The running costs as rent, food water/electricity, staff and school fees/tutions are to pay. We are trying to raise money with some christmas activities, but it will not be sufficient!

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Location: Bangalore, India

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