German Clowns and a Viet Restaurant (Film Scene)

An aid project by D. Cerqueiro in Berlin, Germany

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D. Cerqueiro (Project Manager)

D. Cerqueiro
Imagine 39 filmmakers. They don't know each other. They live each one in a different country and they have decided to produce together a feature film.

That's what we are doing :)

The project is called CollabFeature ( and its all about collaboration, teamwork, independent production and innovation for good.

They are currently producing their second Guinness record winning feature film, and we have been invited to be a part of it!

After months of submitting ideas, engaging in discussions and a thorough selection process, we were finally chosen to direct a scene to represent Berlin in this exciting worldwide project.

Basically we developed a 2 minutes of screen-time script that is going to be one scene of the whole movie and now we need to shoot it before the 15th of June! Nahhh... we are not stressed about it.

Although we cannot say too much at this point, we can advance you that the story has to do with some german Clowns having an existential chat on a Vietnamese restaurant in Alexanderplatz ;)

Don't worry it will all make sense when its finished.

If you feel like contributing to Indy filmmaking and being part of this exciting experimental collaborative project feel free to support any of the needs listed on this project.

We thank you in advance for your time and help!

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Location: Berlin, Germany

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