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3CountryBrunch - Support our local food producers

3LänderRegion Polen, Deutschland, Tschechien, Germany

In April we want to organize our first brunch to introduce products and culinary specialties of the 3-country region Poland, Germany, Czech Republic. We are looking forwart to see you at our brunch.

T. Kluttig from Tradition und Zukunft Zittau e.V.
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In April, we want to organize our first brunch. Food producers from the 3CoutryRegion (Ger, Pl, Cz) will meet each other to present their products on one table.
Our aim is to make products and culinary specialties of the three neighboring countries more popular. We want to do that as a meeting with a common meal and spend a nice day.
We´ve also planed to prepare dishes from the three countries in a traditional way lively.
Therefore, we ask for a donation to organize this.
We would like to pay the providers the access and their products and also the locality, preparation and equipment for the gastro and presentation have to be paid. We also want to make the brunch musically.