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Kampala Unity | Everyone has the right to education!

Everyone has the right to education and everyone has the right to develope in his/her field of education. Change is inevitable and therefore learning never stops. We raise awareness of the importance in continuous and relevant skill development.

M. Stoermer from artefact gGmbHWrite a message

We have parents. We have teachers. We have bosses. We have leaders. We have many people who teach us throughout life. We depend on our teachers. The problem? There are not enough appropriate opportunities for Ugandans youth and educators to learn vocational skills. There is an overflow in the public vocational training institutes since there is an increased demand and immense pressure from the external environment. 
UGAPRIVI (Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institute) is an organization that fosters the collaboration between private training institutions and improves not only the standards of the training provided, but also it's relevance for the actualy job and employment market. 

I'm working in an Institution that trains a small group of skilled teachers, businesses or even private students how to develop their skill sets.
I will work on finding partner organizations that will contribute and provide further educational input. We will bring awareness to the public that we, too, are here to contribute to the social and educational needs.