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Sponsor the education of kids in Uganda and help secure their future!

17 kids of Purpose Uganda Babies Home are currently attending a private primary school in Entebbe. To help secure their future, we are looking for sponsors for their yearly school fees.

J. Tatrai from Abaana Uganda e.V.Write a message


From 2019, a total of 17 children from the Purpose Uganda Babies Home will attend DANA Christian primary school. 13 children already attended the school in 2018, settled in well and profited from the small class sizes which allows teachers to focus their attention on the abilities of each individual child. Attending school together has also allowed the children to remain in close contact whenever they are away from PUBAH to go to school. Additionally, the director of PUBAH is able to visit all of them each week, making sure that their primary contact person sees them regularly and takes care of their well-being.

DANA Christian School follows an integrative and creative curriculum, having children of different ages attend the same class. Class sizes are below ten kids - which is rare in Uganda and an obvious plus for kids who have often come from difficult backgrounds.

The Sponsorships

Contrary to other sponsorship programs, Abaana Uganda e.V. and PUBAH have decided against direct contact between sponsors and kids. The emotional attachment, especially of the younger children to their sponsors, is often much deeper than the sponsors themselves are aware of. Letters and pictures of the sponsors are eagerly awaited and painfully missed if they do not arrive or are running late and small gifts of some sponsors often lead to tears for those children whose sponsors refrain from such gestures. The children are often pushed into the roles of petitioners; the fear that the sponsors will not pay the school fees in the next school year is real and frightening for the children. Abaana Uganda e.V. and PUBAH therefore follow a new sponsorship model without direct contact between child and sponsor. We do also not allow sponsors to pick out specific children to sponsor by sending out their pictures and names - all kids are equally worthy to be sponsored.

To nonetheless inform sponsors of the progress of the kids, we will send out a regular report of the progress of all school children written by the director of PUBAH after the end of each term, including pictures of all children.

School fees for each child a year (split into three terms) are 600 € per child in a year or 50 € per month. 

On betterplace, we are as of now collecting fees to sponsor one child fully throughout the year - if you want to make direct monthly payments feel free to do so either through betterplace or by direct transfer to our German banking account. More information in German can be found here: