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IT-Unterricht für eine Schule in Haiti

Limonade, Haiti

IT-Unterricht für eine Schule in Haiti

Limonade, Haiti

We are going to provide laptops for a school in Haiti and will teach computer basics to the teachers, in order to make an appropriate computer training possible.

D. Lehmann from Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. | 
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About this project

Using a smartphone, laptop or having access to the internet: things that play an integral role in our everyday life. However, for many people, those things are not self-evident. In developing countries, there is a lack of computer hardware and sufficiently qualified teachers. 

The workgroup “Teaching Computer Basics” (TCB) of “Technology without borders” aims to improve the living conditions in developing countries by remedying education shortages. Therefore, we provide the required computer room and hardware and teach the teachers computer basics. Our aim is to enable the teachers to pass their gained knowledge to their students as well as to other interested persons by themselves. 


What we do there 

The school St. Yves is located in the North of Haiti, nearby the city Limonade. The primary school is attended by 350-400 pupils in nine forms, which are taught by 15 teachers. The school does already have a computer room, however, this room is equipped with tables only. Our tasks will be to provide the room with laptops and to teach the school’s teachers. 

We collected and upgraded laptops, which we will bring to Haiti, in order to provide the school with well-functioning devices. 

To ensure our projects’ sustainability, the project does not end with the end of our stay, as we are still available for any questions and will stay in close contact with the school. 


What we aim

Initially, the teachers should increase their computer knowledge. After our training, they should know how they can pass their knowledge to others. Thus, the learnt knowledge is supposed to reduce education shortages in the long-term. Especially students should be supported to keep up with the globalised world. 


Who are we

We are Daniel and Laura. We are both students from Erlangen, who have been part of Technology without borders for a while now. For one year, we have been working on the TCB project with our team. With your help, we will be able to implement it in May 2019! 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!

Updated at 18. March 2020