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Funded Training Camp Team Berlin 1 for World Synchronized Skating Championship

A project from Berliner TSC e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We are planning a special World Cup training camp for the Team Berlin 1 to work on the best possible execution of elements of the programs and the artistic performance.

C. Funk
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About this project

In January 2019 Team Berlin 1 won the 24th championship title in synchronized skating / masterclass. This is accompanied by the qualification for this year's World Championships in synchronous skating in Helsinki / Finland. This will be a very special highlight for the members of Team Berlin 1, as Helsinki is a stronghold in synchonized skating. We will present our programs there in a large hall in front of 8,500 spectators from many countries. In order to be able to represent German synchronized skating particularly well, we will travel to Helsinki to the Pajulahti Olympic Training Center a week before and hold an intensive training camp there to prepare for the World Cup.
Such a training camp is associated with high costs.
Please help us !!! Every euro counts and helps us on the way to even better preparation and relieves the athletes financially, since otherwise every athlete must bear these costs themselves.