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Training centre for nursing and midwifery in Bukedea, East Uganda

Help us to collect 6,000 Euro for a training centre for nursing and midwifery in Bukdea, East Uganda. The training centre will give Ugandan adoloscents a job perspective and at the same time, will improve the medical care of the Bukedea region.

J. Wagemann from Glocal LifeLearn e.V.Write a message

The challenge
Uganda does not have enough doctors, nurses and midwives. The nurse-patient ratio is 1 to 11,000 (in Germany the ratio is 1:80). In rural areas the situation is worse, as the ratio is often even higher. 
At the same time, especially in rural areas, Ugandan adolescents have hardly any job perspectives, as affordable training centres are often missing.
In Uganda the majority of the population are children and adolescents. This trend is expected to continue and it would be beneficial for their health and development to have more trained midwives and nurses.
The training centre for nursing and midwifery
The Bukedea Lifeline Schools in East Uganda, with the support of Glocal LifeLearn e.V., plan to establish a training centre for nursing and midwifery.
The training centre will give vulnerable young Ugandans a job perspective, as the tuition fees will be cheaper compared to other training centres. Through the training of medical professionals, the medical care of the region will be improved long term.
The training centre will be composed of four buildings: 1 kitchen building, 1 dormitory building, 1 class room building and one sanitation building.
The training centre aims to become operational and to welcome the first round of nursing and midwifery students in November 2019. 
We need your help!
In order to finance the dormitory building, we need your help. We want to collect 6000€ (about 5200 USD) to partially finance the dormitory. It will give some students the possibility to sleep on-site, thus rendering their daily long walks over hours unnecessary. Thus they will be able to fully concentrate on their education.

About Glocal LifeLearn e.V. and the Lifeline Schools 
The partnership between Glocal LifeLearn e.V. and the Lifeline Schools started in 2010. The founders of Glocal LifeLearn e.V., Julia Wagemann and Oliver Mundy, met Julius Ben Adome, co-founder of the Bukedea Lifeline Schools, during an internship in Uganda.
Since 2010, both partners established an educational sponsorship programme, which has given 62 vulnerable children access to a good education and a chance to lead a self-determined life.
In 2016, both partners decided to take the next step and to work together to make the training centre a reality.