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Help us to provide Koram with drinking water, a solar dryer and a juicer

Together with you, we plan on building a drinking water supply for Koram, in Senegal, and want to teach women in the village how to transform fruits & vegetables from their garden into valuable products like juice, jam and dried fruits for sale.

Lilly S. from Greening Africa Together / TU BerlinWrite a message

Koram is a village in Senegal close to the border of Gambia. Since 3 years now, Greening Africa Together is working together with the villagers to find eco-friendly and sustainable concepts to help people in Koram to make their own living based on agriculture and livestock farming.

Sergio & Abdu of our team would like to built a big water filter, that can provide drinking water for up to 1000 people per day together with your financial help.

Mame & Inga would like to repair the solar dryer and install a temperature control in order to produce dried fruits of high quality together with your financial help.

Julia, Solange, Adrian & Ayoub plan on buying a juice extractor to make fresh juice out of mangos, cashew and baobab fruits, which can be sold at the market together with your financial help.

In a workshop, we will explain to the villagers how to maintain the technical machines, how to dry fruits & vegetables, how to produce juice, jam and spices and how to package them in an eco-friendly way.

Please help us with a donation for our project, so we can provide Koram with drinking water and show the women in the village how to process fruits & vegetables from their garden to sell them and be financially independent.

We will keep you updated on our achievements. Thank you for your contribution,

Sergio, Abdu, Mame, Inga, Julia, Solange, Adrian & Ayoub