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Photovoltaics for a health centre in Jampaling, Nepal

Your contribution enables the erection and the operation of a health centre in Nepal.

J. Schmid from Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.Write a message

Project Description 

The Project 
In a former Tibetan refugee camp in Jampaling, Nepal, “Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. (Technology without Borders)” is supporting the construction of a new health centre. This health centre will be the first point of contact for health concerns and emergencies and will work actively for disease prevention through vaccination. The second floor of the health centre will offer community education courses, including Earthquake preparation. The photovoltaic system will guarantee a reliable electricity supply and water supply via an electric ground water pump. 
Current Situation 
Nepal is a mountainous developing country with unreliable energy supplies. Hospitals often have no back-up generation which renders them vulnerable to the frequent supply disruptions. There are also relatively few health care facilities in Nepal, which makes health care access for many locals difficult or impossible. 
For the 10,000 people of Dulegaunda, the planned health centre will be the first point of contact for health care and emergencies. 
Your donation will: 
All donations will contribute to the following: 
·          The construction of the health care centre 
·          The tools that are needed  
·          The interior furnishings (sanitary facilities, beds, etc.)
·          The education needed to construct and maintain the photovoltaics system which is planned in the next project step

About us 

„Technik ohne Grenzen“ is a german-based organisation that operates worldwide, with current projects in Asia, Africa and South America. 
All contributors to „Technik ohne Grenzen” volunteer their time to make our planet a little bit better.