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Protect the Huni Kuin/UNCONTACTED indigenous people in the Brazilian Amazon

Jordao, Acre, Brazil

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Protect the Huni Kuin/UNCONTACTED indigenous people in the Brazilian Amazon

Jordao, Acre, Brazil

Very good news from our Amazon landpurchase project!

Marie I.
Marie I. wrote on 09-04-2020

The owner of the two pieces of land brought us together with the other interested parties. They are a group from Rio de Janeiro, whom we also know and who also support the Huni Kuin. They have been wanting to bring the land into the possession of the Huni Kuin for a long time (i.e. both the larger plot of land with about 9,900 hectares and the smaller plot of land with 6,800 hectares). Originally the group from Rio had been informed by the owner that he would sell the whole land for 3,000,000 RS (183 RS/hectare). This is a much lower price than the one he offered us (300 RS/hectare). We have decided to join forces to buy the whole land together. This way we can also avoid the possibility that someone with completely different interests could buy the second piece of land.
The owner would of course like to sell more expensive than originally offered to the group from Rio, especially since the Brazilian federal authority INCRA (National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform) sets the value of his land at 500 RS/hectare.

The negotiations continue:
We are now in negotiations with the owner together with the group from Rio de Janeiro and have made an offer for the entire land for 213 RS/hectare, which would amount to 3,500,000 RS. The group from Rio de Janeiro could contribute 2,000,000 RS of this, which means for us we have to collect at least 1.500.000 RS. The falling price of the Real is definitely on our side. At the moment that would be 265,000 Euros for us, of which we have already collected 118,000 Euros. So we still need about 150.000 Euro from our side to be able to buy the whole territory.

We have no time to lose. So please spread this message again in all networks that are available to you.
At the same time the owner is trying to complete the land documents, which are not yet complete. At the moment we are waiting for his answer of our offer. 

Until the end of April, will put 10% soli[dary] on every donation up to 200€:

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