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Funded Wow! Basic Income! - A Co-Creative Experience Exhibition

Hamburg, Germany

We set cultural impulses ~ with an inventive and mobile experience exhibition on Unconditional Basic Income as a possible pioneer and building block of a "good life", which we create in cooperation with the agency facts & fiction.

R. Ammermann from Hamburger Netzwerk Grundeinkommen e.V.
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We‘ve got great plans 
The exhibition will enrich and inspire the public debate about Unconditional Basic Income in Germany and throughout Europe with fresh impulses. 

  • A mobile world of experience - We have the idea of an experience exhibition - a mobile world of experience, which invites to debate in public places, indoors and outdoors, on squares, in town halls, universities, libraries or museums, which invites to discuss the idea of an unconditional basic income and a "good life". 

  • An exhibition that provokes questions - ...and makes you think. We confront visitors physically and emotionally with social issues and provoke valuable questions. We offer the necessary space for a personal reflection and the development of one's own attitude.

  • A playground that touches and inspires - We inspire, inform and network people in our exhibition and want to initiate a real vision of the future together. We give them a multidimensional view of the topic. Multi-perspective and democratic. With curiosity and fun. The exhibition asks questions and will challenge, dismantle barriers easily and invite for participation.

  • An open place of encounter - An open place that focuses on the human being. 
    Be they young or old, with or without a job, self-employed or employed, in 
    school, training or university, parents, married or single, volunteered or retired. Our exhibition addresses everyone who wants to set impulses for the future together. 

  • A marketplace of ideas & opportunities - We create a place of exchange of ideas and experiences. Because not everyone has a clear idea of a "good life". The exhibition shares stories about people who have already had experience with an Basic Income or similar ideas. It offers space for discussions about visionary realities and future ideas for a society in which people are at the centre.

  • A platform that initiates dialogues - We act in a network. Already now and also in the exhibition: Workshops, readings and activities of collaborators and multipliers take place here and become a vital part of the communication. Just like the visitors themselves. Because we as humans are reason enough for an Unconditional Basic Income!

The next step in planning and design of the exhibition is a detailed concept to prepare the production.
25,000 Euros are needed for this.

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