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Closed Njabini health center Maternity Ward Improvement

Njabini, Kenya

Closed Njabini health center Maternity Ward Improvement

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Improving Njabini Health Center,maternity wing.Mothers who visit the health facility for delivery to benefit by having enough bedding,heating up the room so the newborn babies are warm and ensuring mothers have heated water to shower.

C. Kagia from C. KagiaWrite a message

Maternal health is an important health concern in Kenya. From a recent study,"Delivery practices and associated factors among mothers attending MCH clinics at selected health facilities in Nyandarua South District, Central Kenya". One of the facilities visited was Njabini Health Centre.This health facility is located in Njabini town, South Kinangop Division, Nyandarua South District.In the Division 11,655 women are in the reproductive age group (15-49 years).From the available data during the study, an average of 89% of mothers attended ante-natal clinic at least once during pregnancy while only 47% of mothers were recorded to have had institutional deliveries.This prompted the investigator to find out the factors that influenced mothers’ choice of the delivery place where a total of 409 mothers were interviewed.Njabini Health centre is the largest health centre among the three in the division in terms of the services they offer and the bed capacity.The health facility is also fairly accessible. During the above mentioned study,the mothers reported problems they encountered during delivery within the facility.These problems were cited by the mothers as some of the reasons why they opted for a home delivery.These, coupled with the investigator's own observations raised the need to address the most urgent needs.Njabini town being at the foot of the Aberdare ranges is a very cold place.Mothers reported suffering from cold especially if they were admitted during the night as there were not enough bedding in this case blankets. The cold also affected their newly born babies who could only depend on their clothing and mothers’ heat for warmth.It was also noted that the mothers could not take a shower after the delivery mainly because even when water was available,it was freezing cold thus the need to have some water heating facility.As part of giving back to the community,and in the long term goal of the project to make sure more mothers delivered at health facilities, the principal investigator (I) is willing to work with the clinical officer (Mr.Maina) in charge of to improve the ward. This will in turn encourage mothers to deliver in the health facilities as they would be comfortable. At least 500 mothers are known to deliver in the health facility per annum.These numbers are bound to increase with this improvement.This will be important as the community around will utilize the services.Waiting on the government of Kenya to offer these help to the community of South Kinangop may take very long as there are other priorities in terms of providing drug supplies and employment of adequate staff.It also takes time for recommendations of studies carried out to be implemented as they hardly get to the management.Promote safe delivery in developing countries,save the life of a mother by making your donation today!

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