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My own little farm - our children's home in Ghana is growing their own food

Farming means independency and a healthy nutrition for our children in Ghana. We want to support with building the hutches, buying food or new animals. That is how the farm can grow and the children's home can feed itself without high costs.

Theresia K. from Waisenhaus Tamale e.V.Write a message

Since years, our home is growing their own vegetables and corn. Some years later, chicken were added to the stock. The main reason for that is, that it is cheaper to cultivate than to buy everything on the market. Money can be saved this way. Especially rice, meat and eggs are respectively expensive in Ghana. As 20 people need to eat three times a day a nutricious meal, the farm helps a lot.

Furthermore, all our children are learning how to do farming. That is very helpful for their future, as most of the Ghanaian families are growing their own food to survive. In order to profit even more from the farming, the stock increased during the past years up to sheeps, guinea fowls, turkey and ducks.

More animals means more space and more food. Therefore we started already building new hutchs. The hutches are still without roofs and without doors and the ground need to be filled with some gravel. Besides that, the animals need food and the field needs fertiliser. These costs Silas himself is covering right now. It would be also nice, if we could help to get some more animals, like goats or sheep.