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An aid project by “Green Yatra” (D. Gupta) in Thane, India

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D. Gupta (Project Manager)

D. Gupta
Go Green kids is an environmental educational initiative for kids and school students, where we develop and deliver practical and logical approach in the fields of: Green daily lifestyle, Environment, Ecosystem, Natural Resources, Global Warming, Pollution, Ecofriendly tips, Nature Protection and Conservation to kids ages from 6 to 18 years and how they can contribute, support and inspire to elders by adopting daily Green lifestyle and save Mother Nature. The young children who are currently in schools will form the next generations and have the potential to be the change masters who bring about solutions and improvements to our current environmental situations. Its stands for every individual’s natural dream to have a cleaner, greener tomorrow and by Introducing the Go Green Kids
initiative, we are sensitizing the minds of young students to turn their thoughts to awareness, then to visible action. Our vision is to form the largest network of young students from around the world who would not see environment preservation as a compulsion but would understand its importance and would willingly take actions in day to day life in this direction and Lead the journey to a Greener Future. Considering the imbalanced state of our natural environment today, we need to honestly
ask ourselves if we are doing enough within our responsibility as habitants of our Planet. As teachers and as guardians, we need to question ourselves if we are working hard enough at
creating an environmentally conscious society TODAY so that we may shine with abundance, health and harmony TOMORROW...
Through our campaign, talk show, events, discussion, site visit, live demonstration, dramatical play, role play, practical approach blogs, web pages, and online community, groups, forums we will raise and discuss various environmental issues like global warming, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, smoking, alternate energy sources, alternate transports, green present and future, solid and plastic waste, e-waste. We would provide
platform to green ideas, concepts and education supports to underprivileged kids. Our unique content does not focus much on theoretical concepts but on facts, figures, realistic images, videos and scientific research. We work with children and young adults in hopes of making them realize the importance of each individual in preserving the environment.

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Location: Thane, India

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