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Help us to rebuild Sahar's family home!

A project from HS Reviving Home
in Homs, Syrian Arab Republic

Sahar's family home has been damaged by the war in Homs, but she doesn't have the money to rebuild it. Through our local knowledge and contacts, we have plans, quotes and local tradespeople ready to go, all that is missing is the money to pay them.

H. Soufan
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About this project

The war in Syria has been devastating, cities have been destroyed, communities decimated, and millions of people have died or been displaced. The war is now coming to an end, and at least in Homs, military actions have ceased.
Sahar and her family were forced to leave their home during the fighting and they are currently living in expensive rented accommodation, like many in Homs, living as best they can amongst the rubble of their destroyed city. She is only one of the many who are hoping that soon they can finally start to rebuild their lives and their community.
Hadi Soufan, an architect from Homs swore he would help his city rebuild if he survived the war. After he moved to Germany, he founded Reviving Home to help property owners like Sahar get in contact with the expertise and funding they need to rebuild.
Plans, quotes and the video for this project have been put together by Lara, a qualified architect living in Homs. She is certified by the Syrian Engineering Authority, and will oversee and manage the work to Sahar’s home on behalf of Reviving Home and send us progress updates that we will share with our supporters here and through a newsletter.
The plan is to fix up the ground floor flat in the property. It doesn’t cost much to make it habitable again, but it would mean that Sahar and her family can go back to their home. It is a start.
And it won’t end with Sahar. We want to reach more people and rebuild more homes, faster.
Our vision is to rebuild and revive communities in war torn cities from the bottom up by putting property owners, tradespeople and donors directly in touch through a transparent online platform, directly sponsoring communities to rebuild themselves in a trusted and transparent environment.
That is our dream and we have to start somewhere, like the people in Homs we are making the first step on a long road and looking for help from our friends to get there.

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