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School Education for 16 Balinese Children

A project from Swarna Dwipa Community Project Bali e.V.
in Bona, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

We support the education of 16 Balinese children from poor families, paying for tuition and backup costs for medical emergencies. Help us finance their education for the new school year!

Jero Mangku Budhidharma/Sabine Engert
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About this project

Elementary school is Government funded in Indonesia. Families must still pay for school uniforms, shoes and books, which is already difficult for some to afford. After Elementary school the family must pay ALL expenses for tuition and it becomes more expensive yearly. Many families are not able to afford schooling after elementary school.

Our Association helps children who want to learn and build a better future. Most of the children are among the best in class because they are highly motivated and all of them are excited to go to school. Currently, we support 16 children from elementary school to Vocational school and Tertiary Education.

This year, our first protégé, Indra Dewi, will start her Tertiary studies in Business Management, Tourism, at the Polytechnic School in Denpasar. We are very proud of her: she worked hard with diligence and perseverance to get this opportunity. Another young woman Komang is starting her Teacher Training this year having graduated from Senior High School.

Recently we welcomed a new student in the program who just lost her father and the family can’t afford to pay for school anymore. Hence, we are happy to enable her to attend last year of Senior Highschool and graduate.

All school’s tuition is payable at the beginning of each school year, which has just begun. We have raised donations to pay the school fees for the younger students. However, more is required for the Tertiary & Senior High school student fees. And two (2) new laptops are required. One for a senior high school student and the other for a student who has received a college grant which does not cover the cost of a laptop.

Help these children make a difference in their lives, their family’s life and for future generations.

School Costs
  • Elementary school, class 1-6: ca. 50-70 € (for uniforms, shoes and books)
  • Junior High school or Technical School, class 7-9: ca. 230-500 €
  • Senior High School, class 10-12: ca. 250–750 €
  • Tertiary education: ca. 550–1,500 € per semester

In addition, we cover medical costs in the event of a family medical emergency. Free Indonesian Health care is very basic. If a hospital visit, stay or operation is needed, the family has to pay full costs. When serious illness strikes a family, it is a disaster.

This is a six-person project team (2 team members in Germany and 4 in Indonesia), committed on a voluntary basis. That's why every euro is used for these children.

Thank you for your donations, we are still working towards our target to get all 16 of these children in school. We have raised half the necessary funds and need a further € 2700,-.
Any amount given is a benefit for these children, help us to reach these goals and expand further into the village community.
Helping now will help the children for a lifetime!

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