An aid project by “Rescue Foundation” (T. Acharya) in Boisar, India

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T. Acharya (Project Manager)

T. Acharya
The Rescue Foundation has a Complex in Boisar, Maharashtra, India with 53 acre of land.
The roads which connect the protective home (where the girls live), the training center (the school for the girls), the main gate and the recovery care center (hospital for hiv positive girls) need a lighting for the night.
The benefit if we use solar-light is, that no electricity in needed, carbon-dioxide is saved - 30kg per year! Furthermore there are daily lacks of electricity in Boisar which effect normal streetlights, but not the solar-streetlights.
We already installed one light and at least 12 more lights are needed. The 597 Euro are for installing one more solar-streetlight including installation and transportation.
The model we will buy is a TATA MV-3. The first light we installed is already working since 4 month now without any problems. in dusk-time it is switching on and in dawn-time switching off automatically.

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Location: Boisar, India

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