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A life worth to live for old and handicapped pets

Münsterhausen, Germany

A life worth to live for old and handicapped pets

Münsterhausen, Germany

Support a sanctuary for old and handicapped dogs and cats.

D. Müller-Martin from Amals Welt e.V. | 
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About this project

»Dogs are our connection to paradise. They know neither sin nor jealousy nor dissatisfaction. To sit on a hill with a dog on a glorious afternoon is to be back in the Garden of Eden, as doing nothing meant not boredom but peace. "
(Milan Kundera)

Dog Amal and her bad fate, which she shares with so many, especially old and disabled animals, meant that I decided to create my own project of a mini sanctuary from July 2017.
My sweet Amal, born in 2012, was beaten in Romania after trying to protect her puppies from babbling children.
Unfortunately, her back was damaged so severely that she remained paralyzed despite physiotherapy.
Amal lives since December 2016 at my little sanctuary in Bavaria, along with her pack of several disabled and old dogs and cats.
My animals are from German and foreign shelters, from private animal rights activists, from poor posture, or were deported by their owners - simply disposed of because of their age or disability - some of them showed serious illnesses when they came to me.
Here in Amal's world, they are allowed to live in peace and security: lots of love and cuddles, delicious food and very importantly adapted, medical care. The four-legged friends live here in a complete family home and have about 1000 sqm fenced garden available. So, in addition to their daily walks on fitness levels, they can spend time with me day and night.
There are no taboos. Living outside or in kennels I strictly reject!

Since the care of old and handicapped animals is also connected with a high financial effort and it would be very, very difficult to handle all by myself, I founded an association.

The fur noses look forward getting support for food, physiotherapy, vet visits, care products such as diapers, equipment such as blankets / baskets / toys and of course a few treats.

Updated at 18. March 2020