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Support a volunteer year in an Indian animal centre

Bangalore, India

Support a volunteer year in an Indian animal centre

Bangalore, India

"Prani - The Pet Sanctuary" is an animal centre that takes in needy pets and gets them back in shape. School classes have the opportunity to get a guided tour and get to know the animal world.

Dominik G. from DRK in Hessen Volunta gGmbH | 
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About this project

Many people think of dirty and crowded streets as soon as they hear about India. This may be the case in parts, but little thought is given to it.
Imagine that pets are abandoned in these streets, perhaps even injured, and have to survive there... ."
Prani - The Pet Sanctuary" helps these animals. They are received and cared for in order to lead another pleasant life. 
In addition, school classes can take guided tours of the site to learn more about the animals and to strengthen their sense of responsibility towards animals.

"Prani" is part of the state-supported project "weltwärts", in which I am participating. Volunta is the organisation through which the exchange takes place and which supports me very much.
The state does not cover all costs, e.g. for the flight or a pocket money, therefore Volunta takes over this.
That's where you come in. Volunta finances the missing costs through donations.Volunta asks for a monthly donation of 300€, 3600€ per year, from each volunteer, because this is the difference Volunta pays for each volunteer per month. 
With your donation, no matter what amount, you help. Through a donation you enable us future young people to gain experience in a foreign country and to help where they are needed.

Thank you for your attention.