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Pioneering Open Tech Innovation: #ASKotec Access to Skills & Knowledge Kit

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Empowering Young Open Tech Pioneers in post-contflict, post-disaster transformation regions with skills and tools needed to help themselves and their communities. The campaign aims to fund the development of 5 #ASKotec kits and train its trainers.

Reana S. from r0g_agency for open culture gGmbHWrite a message

Providing Access to Skills and Knowledge in the form of a multi-functional Open Tech Emergency Case (#ASKotec) gives trainers in post-conflict and post-disaster regions an easy to use point of entrance to a range of vocational skills from basic IT, soldering, building simple devices to the handling of specialised tools. Developed together with South Sudanese open tech pioneers to best meet their needs, #ASKotec is designed for people living in low infrastructure regions, incl. refugee settlements and remote areas where access to information and training is extremely limited.

When you donate to the #ASKotec campaign you are helping build the kits, develop their curriculum, and foremost train young motivated people living in such transformation regions the basics of electronics and IT, small-scale solar power, up-cycling and hands-on P2P repair skills - all forms of Open Hardware Innovation.

#ASKotec = Access to Skills and Knowledge: open tech emergency case

The kit is a rugged, dust-proof case with a range of quality advanced tools, elements and materials for 
  • learning and practicing electronics, especially small-scale solar energy
  • repairing, disassembling, building mechanical and electronic devices
  • developing peer-to-peer skills, sharing knowledge to become a community trainer

Each #ASKotec contains over 50 items including
  • electronics, connection hardware, solar elements
  • soldering, cutting, measuring and specialised mechanical tools
  • arduinos, sensors, LEDs, related modules
  • manuals and user developed 'how-to' guides
  • compact Linux computer with customized open source software package
  • complete list at

With each kit it is possible to run hundreds of workshops in DIY electronics, solar power, up-cycling and basic computing - making it both an emergency field kit for remote regions, as well as a science & technology resource kit for schools and universities.
Each of the needs listed above represents a different aspect of the kit so you can get a complete picture of what each #ASKotec kit is capable of. 

"#ASKotec provides practical hands-on approaches to everyday challenges in places with scarce resources like South Sudan."
  • Eva Yayi, Kobe Institute of Computing + Founder GoGirls ICT (South Sudan) 

#ASKotec is an immensely positive project in a very troubled region.”
  • Rob van Kranenburg, Founder IoT Council

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